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Beauty By Drey

Type of service

✖️ Training Pack
✖️ Visual Identity
✖️ Wedding Kit Design
✖️ Design business and shopping cards
✖️ Design training certificate

Software used

✖️Adobe Illustrator
✖️Adobe Photoshop

Beauty by Drey is a makeup company specializing in transforming clients for special occasions, especially weddings. Her expertise and artistic sense allow her to create varied looks, ranging from natural and subtle makeup to more glamorous and sophisticated styles, adapted to the preferences and needs of each client. Beauty by Drey also offers make-up courses for those wishing to improve their skills and learn professional make-up techniques.

We are proud to support Beauty By Drey on all their digital projects, from the creation of the logo, the design of a graphic charter, the creation of business and purchasing cards, to student training certificates. Take your time to browse the gallery and browse the different creations.

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