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Dafamilia Traiteur

Type of service

✖️Logo design and Graphic charter design
✖️Business card design
✖️Roll up design

Software used

✖️Adobe Illustrator
✖️Adobe Photoshop

Dafamilia Traiteur is a catering service specializing in weddings and events, it offers a memorable and unique culinary experience by fusing the flavors of French and African gastronomy. This mix of culinary cultures creates a perfect harmony between elegance and exoticism and also the secret of the success of DaFamilia Traiteur.

We were delighted to support DaFamilia Traiteur with their new logo and visual identity project. Given its origins, the founders wanted to retain the colors of the flag of their country of origin while seeking the originality of their new logo. Take your time to browse the gallery and browse the different creations.

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